About Us

The “Growing Wild” Experience

Growing Wild Floral Company was started in November, 1996 by Barbara Von Elm, the owner and founder. The inspiration for the name came from riding through fields of wild flowers on her horse, Cookie. Flowers were picked and placed in baskets attached to the saddle and brought back to the stable. Whatever Cookie didn’t eat was used for floral arrangements. Barbara’s very first wedding was done on the side of the barn.

Today, Barbara works together with a team of floral designers and assistants out of the design studio located on her farm in Delaplane, Virginia.

  • Together, they have done over 1600 weddings since its inception ranging in size from 30 to 300.
  • Venues include large trendy downtown DC hotels and mansions to rustic barns and vineyards.
  • Over time the company has built up a large repertoire of hard goods including various styles of containers, arches and chuppahs for use by clients;

Barbara grows a variety of trendy flowers and botanicals on her 65 acre farm which she loves to incorporate into her wedding designs.   Augmenting arrangements with locally sourced, high quality, organic flowers is not only a great way of going “green”  but helps you get  the best possible bang for your floral buck.

  • Flowers grown at the farm include luscious dahlias, dinner plate dahlias, peonies, lilac, sedum, artemesia, hydrangea, succulents and baptista, to name a few.
  • Flowers are fresh-cut shortly before the wedding, so they will look their prettiest in your bouquets and arrangements.

Photos of the Farm courtesy of: Laura Cotterman Photographer

We make things happen

Our Team

Meet the team that makes it happen.  Say hi to Terry, Tina, Suzy, Victoria, and Anne.  Chances are you’ll meet one or more of us on your wedding day.


And in the Lower Forty...

Our Farm Team

All self-respecting farms come equipped with animals. At Growing Wild, our critters are expected to pitch in and help.

Our horses, Annie, Fergie, Mikey and Baccardi are a time-honored source of organic manure used to make our flower gardens thrive.   Dunkin’ and Donuts assist in manure manufacturing as well as brighten up the fields with their cuteness.  Thor and Loki, our Belgian Turvies, throw themselves into their duties as co-chairs of the Farm Welcome Committee.


Growing Wild Floral Company - horses  Growing Wild Floral Company - donkeys   Growing Wild Floral Company - dogs